Video: Controversial As Zari Hassan Visits Ivan Ssemwanga’s Grave With Boyfriend Shakib

For a few days now, a video of Zari Hassan and her lover Shakib Cham visiting the grave of her late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga has been going viral online. The two lovers reportedly paid a visit to the late businessman’s tomb over the holiday season with a few other buddies. Zari produced a video that she uploaded on her Snapchat, in which she discussed paying respects by going to the grave of a deceased former partner, family member, or acquaintance.

Although Zari Hassan frequently paid her respects to her deceased ex-husband, her lover Shakib Cham’s appearance in the Snapchat video she released captured the majority of people’s attention. The fact that Zari brought her lover to the cemetery of her ex-husband has stunned many internet users who left comments on the video we posted on our social media accounts.

Some individuals took it as a mocking and disrespectful statement, while others thought it was fine because Shakib was allegedly close to Ssemwanga before his passing in May 2017. People complained, claiming that Shakib Cham was celebrating Thanksgiving since he was Zari Hassan’s deceased husband.

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Additionally, several people felt that Zari Hassan’s decision to accompany her new partner to the cemetery was disrespectful and that it was too much. Others, however, did not think it was offensive to do it. Others merely suggested that individuals earn money and then relax.

Watch video here for Zari Hassan

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