Video: Pretty Nicole Denies The Arrest Of Girls Who Beat Her | Calls For Public Intervation

Pretty Nicole Denies The Arrest Of Girls Who Beat Her

After a video of Pretty Nicole being beaten like a chicken thief went viral, social media is still in uproar. In the video, Nicole can be seen being questioned while sitting on a couch and being surrounded by other girls who are claiming to be her former pals. She was charged with sending misleading messages to one of the girls’ boyfriend, Kaftah.

These girls treated Nicole badly, beating her, pouring paraffin and unclean water mixed with urine on her. Although there have been suggestions that these offenders have been apprehended and imprisoned, this is untrue. Pretty Nicole and her family members (mother, sister) assert that the perpetrators are still at large.

Nicole pleaded with individuals, bloggers, news organizations, and everyone else to assist her in obtaining the justice she deserves. No one should be treated the way Nicole was, in Nicole’s opinion.

“Help me retweet this till my video reaches to the rightful people need justice, if someone out there who can help me cos was injured internally need justice” she tweeted while crying.

No one deserves this treatment so I see no reasons to why I accuse myself , stop lying I cooperated with the police gave out the needed information ,stop spreading lies and I appreciate however is trying to help me out #JusticeForNicole Nicole tweeted

Nevertheless, Uganda Police has declared that it is looking for the girls who were shown in a video hitting a woman over a man. On Monday night, the spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police verified the news on Twitter.

“Kawempe Police Division is in touch with the victim and suspects have been identified pending arrest. The incident however took place in one of the rentals in Kira Municipality,” according to Luke Owoyesigyire.

“We shall inform you of the progress on file. Police condemns all acts of torture,” he stressed.


Celebrities from Uganda, including Diana Nabatanzi, Bruno K, Sheilah Gashumba, and others, have come forward to demand justice for this young soul Pretty Nicole.

Young females have been warned by singer Bruno K, real name Bruno Kigundu, to quit acting entitled to guys they are not legally married to. “Men who are dating violent women, the moment she finds you with another woman please try to defend her coz she’s innocent. Don’t just look on as she gets beaten up.”

Sheilah Gashumba expressed her displeasure with the behavior as well, calling it inhuman. “Beating up a girl because of a man who will cheat on you regardless is just being dumb. 3 seconds into the video and I couldn’t even continue watching🤦‍♀️Two bullies with low self esteem and low confidence. A man who wants to be yours will always be yours!! Stop that madness,”

Diana Nabantanzi, on the other hand, suggested that girls find something to do to keep themselves occupied and prevent these cheap conflicts. “Am so disgusted by this act of these women  embarrassing fellow women! This girl was beaten terribly,  undressed, poured on her what seems to sewage, on top of that recorded her body naked & released her videos allover social media. All in the name of “fighting for aman & romours!!  All cheering really???  It’s wrath, bitterness & unfairness. she didn’t deserve this disgrace, its inhuman. This is similar to what took the life of the black American girl called Shanquella Robinson ( google). These so called evil friends. She deserves justice. Young girls get busy  & get stuff to do. !!! Stop these cheap fights!! Social media bullying needs to stop.Depression kills. NO one is perfect. NOTE: I’ve said what ive said come here knowing. This is “MY OWN OPINION. ” you too are entitled to yours. #stopsocialmediabullying #stopviolence #depressionkills,”

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