Vampino Praises Robin Kisti and Criticizes Sheilah Gashumba’s TV Abilities

Elvis Kirya alias Vampino, a dancehall singer, has spoken out about who he thinks is the better television presenter, Sheilah Gashumba or Robin Kisti.

Sheilah Gashumba and Robin Kisti’s long-running feud was reignited on Friday when the former was announced as the new co-host of NBS TV’s After 5 show.

Kisti, who auditioned for the position on NBS TV, felt cheated and used by the station management, despite the fact that they already knew Sheilah was the person they wanted.

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Robin Kisti hinted in a Snapchat rant that Sheilah Gashumba was chosen because of her large social media following rather than her talent.

Vampino comparison of the two

e-readmedia-Kisti, Sheilah Gashumba and NBS After 5 Crew

Vampino concurs!

The Smart Wire singer claimed on social media that Gashumba could not run the show for as long as Kisti could.

“NBS Television temukisusa. Me I will speak for the rest. Sheila Gashumba has the numbers yes but to run the show, apaana. Akaana mwakamila bwelele. Shiela is good for seconds, not meant for a full show. It takes a lot and Kisti already has all that. Am just saying don’t refuse to play my music am just a fan. Hahaha.” Vampino quips sarcastically.

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The debate between Sheilah Gashumba and Robin Kisti over who is a better TV host appears to be the long-term issue here.

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