UCE Results 2022: Improved Performance for Candidates

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) recently reported a reduction in the failure rate after the candidates who sat for the 2022 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) performed better than their peers who took the same exams in 2020. Out of the 345,695 candidates who took the exams, 15,756 failed and will need to repeat senior four if they want to proceed to senior five. Despite this, there was an improvement in the performance of the candidates, especially in the number of those who passed in division one and others consecutively. However, there were some areas of concern, such as a decline in performance in Biology, Christian Religious Education, and Commerce, as well as language deficiency and performance in science practicals.

According to UNEB, examiners reported better quality work in English language, but there were still some challenges in composition writing. Some candidates were still cramming passages from textbooks and reproducing them regardless of the composition topic, which is declining due to punishment. In the Comprehension passage, candidates struggled to extract the appropriate information to answer questions based on the passage. Additionally, there were weaknesses in using the correct grammar in sentence construction and in extracting main ideas from a passage and writing a coherent summary. The challenge of language deficiency was reflected in other subjects, where candidates failed to interpret the demands of the tasks set and follow instructions, among others.

In sciences, the problems remained the same as in recent years, with candidates showing weaknesses in the handling of apparatus during practical tests, making and recording observations, tabulating experimental results, and interpreting the results. Many candidates showed a lack of practical experience in handling the apparatus, which could explain why most malpractice cases are in science practical papers. Furthermore, candidates performed better in Low Order questions that required mainly knowledge and understanding, but struggled with Higher Order questions that required them to apply their knowledge in problem-solving situations.

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Heads of UCE examination centers can download the results from their portals as soon as they are released, but no hard copy result lists will be issued from UNEB offices until conditions improve. Candidates, their parents, and any other person who wants to access results can do so through their mobile phones by sending a message to 6600 on the MTN and AIRTEL networks.

In conclusion, the recent performance of the candidates who took the UCE exams in 2022 is encouraging, with a reduction in the failure rate and an improvement in some areas of concern. However, there are still some areas that need improvement, such as language deficiency, performance in science practicals, and Higher Order questions. The UNEB and other relevant organizations should work together to address these issues and ensure that the candidates are well-equipped to succeed in their future endeavors.

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