FUFA Imposes 10-Year Ban on Referee George Nkurunziza for Match-Fixing

FUFA Imposes 10-Year Ban on Referee George Nkurunziza for Match-Fixing

In a significant move that highlights the commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game, the local football governing body, FUFA, has dealt a heavy blow to referee George Nkurunziza. The decision comes after Nkurunziza’s involvement in a match-fixing scandal was established, leaving no room for leniency.

The announcement came on Friday, as the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Committee delivered its verdict. Nkurunziza George was found guilty of violating multiple articles of the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Code, including Article 41, Article 24(3), and Article 42. The committee meticulously scrutinized the evidence and Nkurunziza’s defense before reaching its conclusion.

In an official statement, FUFA stated, “The Committee’s analysis confirmed that Nkurunziza George had actively influenced match outcomes for the purpose of illicit betting, a clear breach of the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Code.” As a consequence, a comprehensive ban has been imposed, preventing Nkurunziza from participating in any form of football-related activity on the national stage for the next decade.

However, the governing body clarified that Nkurunziza can challenge the grounds of the decision, but not the decision itself. This stipulation underscores the gravity of the offense and the determination to uphold the principles of fair play.

This incident follows a series of similar crackdowns by FUFA, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to tackling match-fixing within Ugandan football. Recent years have seen a heightened focus on eradicating this stain from the sport, with bans ranging from referees to players and even management figures.

The case of Nkurunziza George is a stern reminder that match-fixing has no place in football, and as local authorities step up their efforts to maintain the sanctity of the game, there is hope that such stringent measures will contribute to a cleaner, more transparent future for Ugandan football.

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