Precious Remmie: Men Flood Her DM Amidst Of Breakup Rumor

Precious Remmie Men Flood Her DM Amidst Of Breakup Rumor

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to attract attention from admirers and fans and come out, but Precious Remmie, also known as Ray P, has been receiving a lot of attention lately, especially from men. The reason behind this sudden surge of male interest is due to rumors that her relationship with Raymond Bindeeba has ended.

Even though neither Remmie nor Bindeeba have confirmed the rumors, the couple has not been seen together in public for a while. This has led to an influx of men sliding into Remmie’s DMs, promising her marriage. The Sanyuka TV presenter took to Twitter to express her surprise at the number of men who have been reaching out to her, since the rumors of her breakup started spreading.

Precious Remmie also had a message for those who want to pursue her, cautioning them to make sure they can afford the bride price. This has led many netizens to believe that she is indeed single again. Her tweets have gone viral and have generated a lot of discussion on social media, with many people speculating about her relationship status.

It’s important to note that just because someone is in the public eye, it doesn’t give anyone the right to invade their privacy or make promises without their consent. The privacy of celebrities should always be respected, and it’s not appropriate to reach out to them with marriage proposals without knowing their relationship status.

In conclusion, Precious Remmie’s tweets have caused a stir on social media, and while many people are speculating about her relationship status, it’s important to remember that the privacy of celebrities should always be respected. Whether Precious Remmie is single or not, it’s up to her to decide who she wants to be with, and it’s not for anyone else to make decisions on her behalf.

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