Prima Kadarshi Dispells Dating Rumors | Says is Single

Geosteady, the popular Ugandan musician, and his baby mama, Prima Kadarshi, have been making headlines lately. Recently, Prima went public about her relationship status and put to rest the rumors that were spreading like wildfire about her rekindling her romance with Geosteady. The two share two children, and their relationship has been the subject of much speculation for years.

However, Prima made it clear that her partnership with Geosteady was purely business-related and focused on co-parenting. She emphasized that Geosteady was free to date anyone he considered attractive, but she was not interested in getting back into a romantic relationship with him. This was an important step for Prima in maintaining her independence and defining her own boundaries.

Despite this, the rumors of Prima Kadarshi dating Coins, the other half of the musical duet Ugaboy, continued to spread. This was fueled by photos of the two working out together in a gym in Kampala. However, Prima was quick to dispel these rumors and stated that she was single and not seeing anyone at the moment.

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It is always important to remember that what happens between two people is their business, and the public should not speculate or make assumptions about their relationships. In this case, Prima’s statement about her relationship with Geosteady and Coins is a good reminder that people should respect the privacy of others and not spread rumors without evidence.

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