Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi’s Wife Angel Kwakunda Caught Red Handed Cheating With A New Catch | Video

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi's Wife Angel Kwakunda Caught Red Handed Cheating With A New Catch

An unnamed man kisses a woman thought to be Emanuel Lwasa Kaweesi’s wife Angel Kwakunda in a pub, according to a viral video.

Angel Kwakunda has been accused of not being a true wife to the Masaka city businessman following the release of the film, which has sparked cheating suspicions.

The footage is circulating online at a time when Emmanuel Lwasa is supposed to have left the nation for overseas responsibilities.

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The two have yet to respond to the allegations, but according to an Instagram post Angel Kwakunda published two days ago, she emphasizes how she has learnt to destroy people’s hearts.

However, according to the viral video, Kwakunda may have broken Lwasa’s heart in a way that he may never recover from.

The pair just celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and Lwasa boasted of being adored by one of Uganda’s most beautiful women.

Check out the video of Angel Kwakunda below:

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