Mayanja Family Remembers The Death Of Emmanuel Mayanja Alias Ak 47

It’s now seven years since the youngest dancehall singer faced his death, AK 47 died from unknown incident after being found lying on the flow of the bathroom bar.

His elder brother Dr. Jose Chameleone posted on his social media platforms information regarding the celebration of AK 47’s memorial. The memorial service will take place at Kalangaro Mityana where he was laid to Rest.

“Celebrating you life my brother, wounds will never heal – We miss you but so is the way for of us inevitably. Got so many memories but that’s all that is left. Am coming to join in prayer for you. May the Angels continue to wrap you and Gods mercy en upon you forever Emmanuel Mayanja. Continue Resting in Peace Kagawandagaza.” Jose Chameleone posted.

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On 16 March, his last day, he went on and posted on his Facebook page saying “Nze Ndi Mulokole Nafuuka Mulokole AK Mulokole Naawe Fuuka Mulokole In God we trust” (I am saved, I received salvation, AK is saved, you also get saved In God we trust) little did he know that it would be his last update to the public. Around 8:00 p.m., AK 47 went to his manager Jeff Kiwa’s bar, Denjavu, in Kampala, where he began drinking with friends. Around 10 p.m., AK 47 was discovered bleeding from the nose and with foam in his mouth on the floor of the bathrooms.

He was said to have gone unconscious and fainted. He was taken to the nearest clinic for first aid, but the clinic was unable to handle the complicated situation and referred him to a larger hospital. When they arrived at Nsambya Hospital, the doctors determined that his complication was incurable. Five minutes after arriving at the hospital, he was declared dead.

They summoned his brothers Chameleone and Pallaso, who arrived quickly. They notified the media, and by 11 p.m., news was circulating all over social media. His body was prepared by nurses and taken to the mortuary.

AK 47 Biography;

Emmanuel Mayanja (October 29, 1990 – March 16, 2015), also known as AK 47, Akay 47, Ak Fortyseven, AkayFourtyseven, was a Ugandan Dancehall artist who rose to prominence in 2012 with his song “Champion.” He is regarded as one of Uganda’s best dancehall musicians. He died on March 16, 2015, in an undetermined manner.

Ak 47 was born to Gerald Mayanja, who is from Busato Mityana but now lives in Seguku Kampala. He is the biological brother of Goodlyfe Crew musicians Chameleone, Pallaso, and Weasel.

AK received his secondary education at Kisubi High School, where he earned his A Level.

AK 47 began singing in 2008 under the stage name Hammatone. His debut single was recorded at Studio One, and the music video was directed by popular Ugandan DJ Erycom. He began singing in the Leone Island group, which is managed by his brother Chameleone, with his first song Usiende in 2008, but this song did not receive enough airplay on Ugandan radios and television. He rose to prominence in 2011 when he remixed Bayuda with his brother Jose Chameleone. This helped him gain popularity and a large fan base in Uganda.

Since then, he has released numerous good songs, including Mbeera ya nsi and Champion, which topped Ugandan music charts for a long time, Kidandali, Kaleba with his brother Chameleone, Musajja watu with King Saha, and many others. In 2014, he joined the Team No Sleep group, which is managed and owned by Jeff Kiwa. AK 47 married Maggie Mayanja in 2012, and the couple has two children (twins).

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May His Soul Continue Resting in Peace. Amen

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