Anita Fabiola Sells Her N#de Photos To Rich Men For Money

Lovely media personality Anita Kyarimpa, alias Anita Fabiola, who was proposed to by her long-term boyfriend Mark Ronald Mubiru in the Maldives last year are at odds.

They’ve only been fiancee and fiance for a few months, but they’ve already started fighting.

According to rumors, the two are at odds after Mubiru discovers that the woman he is planning to marry makes a living by selling her n#des to wealthy men.

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Anita Fabiola is accused of selling her n#de photographs to a married Nigerian man for $3000. This is however equivalent to UGX 10,800,000.

According to reports, the man’s wife discovered the photos and threatened to post them online. She blackmailed Mubiru, who later paid her $10000 (UGX 36,000,000) to keep her quiet.

This discovery resulted in fights between him and Fabiola. And it is said that they have not spoken as lovers since.

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