Record: 5 Meters of Tap Water Girl S3X Tape Leaks | Video

A woman breaks a record when she explodes at a height of about 5 meters in the popular sex film “Tap Water Video.” The video went viral when it was stolen from its owner and has been the talk of the town ever since. Tap Water Girl S3X Tape to watch

A woman can be seen in the brief video clip erupting a stream of Sipi falls that extends all the way to the ceiling, around 5 meters from her Bwaguga slot. Firstly, she gathered her pals, according to sources, to show them how she had performed a touch ceiling yoghurt splash.

However, netizens reacted as her fellow women also said they could do it. A certain tweep even asked if there was a strong man that could take her and he make her come. This has created a new challenge as women are now looking for a way to impress men through tap water. Video clips have surfaced on internet showing how women have got rivers, lakes, and even oceans in their bwaguga.

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Netizens however, just welcome them as they prefer watching women playing with their things in and out.

Watch Tap Water Video here

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