List Of Leaked Videos 2022 Part 1 | QFM Lira Director | MC Casmir | Emmanuel Lwasa | Dr. Cephcor And Nakankaka | BSU | KYU’s Nasasira | MUBS Life Of Selina

E-readmedia has dug deep and collected for you all the trending leaked videos in the year 2022. This has come as many people have been dying of thirst and hunger for the trending videos. No more worries; we’ve got you covered. Just gaze through and decide who did it best for you;

1. Executive Director of QFM Lira Okello Ken

Mr. Okello Ken, the executive director of QFM Lira, was seen LIVE chomping on luscious woman Eva Jay left, right, and center. The Executive Director of QFM Lira, Mr. Okello Ken, charged NUP a hefty UGX. 6,000,000 per hour to host H.E. Robert Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine for a discussion show on July 20, 2020, but later canceled the event. Do you all remember him?
Reportedly, it was said that the accused NRM-leaning CEO was using his position to mingle young ladies in Lira and the nearby areas. And BOOM, his tape featuring this popular young woman was just leaked.

2. MC Casmir Saga with Married woman who he chewed twice

Nbs’ MC Casmir was caught live-chewing a married woman on February 9th. He then revealed that he had served the hungry married woman’s juicy sumbie with his cassava. The host of NBS TV, MC Casmir, explained why he preferred Kampala’s married women to slay queens.

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In the viral video, MC Casmir was depicted shivering all over and confessed to chewing the woman twice without C***ming. He sincerely appealed with the security to keep the tape from being released as well as promptly prayed for forgiveness. He had no idea, though, that the entire country would find out whether he played it well or not.

3. Emmanuel Lwasa With alleged Diana Nabatanzi look alike

There was a video clip that went viral on social media a few months ago of Emmanuel Lwasa devouring a “Diana Nabatanzi” lookalike.

4. Emmanuel Lwasa Leaked video with Kalibatanya

First off, there was a video recording that circulated on social media. A “Lwasa Emmanuel” lookalike was seen in this video using his tongue to wipe the golden bowel of the opposite gender. Apparently, the woman in the film was Lwasa’s new girlfriend, Kalibatanya, with whom he fell in love after splitting with Angel, according to the video. This is what prompted social media in-laws to share the video with their friends since they believed Lwasa Emmanuel had recovered with fresh looks that would facilitate fruitful drill sessions.

5. Dr Cephcoh and Yvonne Nakankaka Video Tape Leaked

From Lwasa Emmanuel’s video tape claims to Dr. Cephcoh and his lover Yvonne Nakankaka, a faded TikToker. To begin with, since Dr. Cephcoh’s imprisonment, we have published more than a million stories about him. Full Figure imprisoned Dr. Cephcoh after he used profane words to criticize the one and only blessed presidential counselor.

This resulted in his two girlfriends, Jowie 256 and Yvonne Nakankaka, calling out to the public for help in getting their sumbie EATER released. However, this led to a brawl between Team Jowie and Team Yvonne. However, after being let free, Cephcoh discarded Jowie 256 like a worn CD. In light of this, he decided on Yvonne and declared his undying love for her.

6. Part 2: Dr. Cephcoh and Nakankaka

Dr. Cephcoh’s posts were all over the internet. He didn’t appear to be about to slow down. Following the release of two of Dr. Cephcoh‘s most amazing video tapes of all time, Ugandans had a great start to July. These actually shook the internet, as numerous social media in-laws messed with Google search results with various phrases associated with Dr. Cephco‘s popular video.

7. Bishop Situat University (BSU)

It was a while when on social media was quiet with exciting videos. A female student from Bishop Stuart University (BSU) made an appearance in a trending Twitter video where she served her viewers a full-moon view of her delicious bottom. This happened when she admitted to transmitting her own footage, which has since become extremely popular, to her honeypot driller.

8. Kyambogo University Student Leader (Nasasira)

In the viral video, Nasasira can be seen trying to kwetega in front of the camera while fully aware that she is being recorded. Later, while dancing to Winnie Nwagi’s Kwata Essimu, she displayed her bwaguga skills.

9. MUBS Student Life Of Selina

Life of Selina was one of the most desirable leaked videos in 2022, also known as Mitchelle Selina, is a well-known Instagram and TikTok content creator who recently released her own N#de images and videos online, causing a stir. Selina Mitchelle, a 22-year-old MUBS student known as Life of Selina, and her images and video recordings. Selina, a student at MUBS and a content generator, is the most recent to join the Ugandan campus leaks network.

10. MUBS Student with Sugar daddy

It is said in this video, which upset some University students and trended on social media, that the female roommate was sick of her buddy bringing in her sugar daddies and their terrible behavior in the hostel room. Then, she captured the purportedly brand-new MUBS video tape at the hostel after seeing them perform their actions again.

The two offenders are initially seen acting as though they are not in agreement to commit the crime, and the sugar daddy is shown pleading while being n@ked. In response, the increasingly drenched MUBS student gave in to the demands of the already drooling sugar daddy while hopelessly laying on the three-inch bed.

Wait for part two of Leaked Videos 2022;

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