Part 2: List of Trending Leaked Videos 2022 | MP’s Wife | Kabale University Video | Ndejje Group Video | Electrical Engneers | Lydia Jazmine

We bring you part 2 of the trending leaked videos in the year 2022. Here, we start with the MUBS student who ran for her life.

1. MUBS Student girl fainted

According to a viral video, a Suga Daddi chewed a MUBS student in every crevice of her honeypot. The slay queen’s plans, however, did not work out as she cried out for assistance because she was unable to hold the enormous cassava.

The video clip claims that even fainting could not save her since the man kept taking what he was pursuing. The girl was thus awakened by the final dingo and fled while yelling for help.

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2. Nyege Nyege Trending Video

In a bizarre video that went viral on social media, a couple was seen arguing why they had to attend the Nyege Nyege festival this year at Itanda Falls in Jinja City. We anticipate this year’s event to feature plenty more amazing moments like this one. This is as a result of the large number of party animals it drew from all over the world.

3. Ndejje Students Group Video Tape

From the Nyege Nyege Tent Video to the Ndejje Students Group Video, however, all social media sites around the world experienced a business freeze. All search engines were disrupted by social media in-laws looking for this video, but you no longer have to suffer because we have it all for you. This is one of Trending Leaked Videos 2022 that made internet users freeze the internet with different searches.

4. Ndejje Student Video Tape Part 2

Social media users have rated part 2 as the finest video to ever rock the internet throughout the globe. As a result, all social media in-law camps have been excited since they have been left happy and content rather than applauding for the Ndejje Student.

5. Queen Masolo Sylvia Video Trending

You can see Queen Masolo Sylvia softly extending her legs for the camera. When she does this, two dangling twin towers with a large bean in the midst suddenly emerge and nearly fall to the ground.

Queen Masolo visited the jungle and received a certificate of attendance, according to a social media in-law. This is because this “in-law from social media” was completely satisfied with the dicotyledonous seeds’ size.

6. Britop fm’s Peterson Nickson Video tape Trending

After witnessing the video footage of a certain Peterson Nickson, the general manager of Britop FM, there was nothing but rage on social media in-laws’. They argued that Nickson didn’t need to demonstrate his talents to them when he was in bed. Peterson is the head of the Kyegegwa Journalists Association (KJA), yet even this group was in awe at Peterson’s enormous cassava, which was swinging like a pendulum.

7. Lydia Jazmine Video Tape Trending

Social media users commented that the “singer’s video” was the greatest ever clip to rock the internet waves around the globe. As a result, this delighted all social media in-law camps because they had been satiated and were cheering for the R&B singer rather than demanding more.

8. MP’s wife Video Tape

In the viral video that has been going around up till now, the MP’s wife is shown demonstrating why it is customary to declare, “I will love you until Lake Victoria dries up.”

The claimed recordings of Karungi Joy Marion, the wife of Hon. Kabuura Derrick Baimukye, a member of parliament representing Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality, are still making the rounds on the internet. Joy demonstrated how she embodies the Gezira Irrigation Scheme in these films that surfaced a few days ago on various social media networks.

9. Kabale University Video Tape Trending

On social media, particularly Twitter, rumors spread that another university video recording had been up online. The sad part of it all was that although it was trending, no one had yet viewed the allegedly Kabale University video.

Top Twitter users were asking one another if they had seen the Kabale University video recording, which caused the buzz to spread. Additionally, others were heard complaining that the video is dull and that Kabale University should have done a better job.

10. Electrical Engineers Trending video

As many social media in-laws looked for the footage of electrical engineers drilling tubeless at work, social media became busy. This footage was released a short time after a large sugar daddy was spotted mercilessly taking oil from a MUBS student.

It would appear that couples eating the forbidden fruit wherever they like is becoming quite common. Additionally, in an effort to attain recognition, these individuals uploaded their personal video on numerous social networking websites.

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