Simple K UG Finds Freedom and a Reason to Smile After Prison Release

In an unexpected turn of events, emerging singer Simple K UG has been granted the freedom to wear an enormous smile on his face. Just one week after being remanded for a staggering 48 months, he has been released from prison, bringing an end to his ordeal.

Simple K found himself in Kitalya prison for the audacious claim of being Full Figure’s baby daddy, Museveni Kairos Pearl. This assertion enraged the Presidential advisor, leading to a legal battle that resulted in Simple K’s imprisonment.

During the recent court hearing, Simple K admitted guilt, which ultimately led to his incarceration. However, remarkably, a mere seven days after being remanded, Simple K has emerged from prison and shared a video online. In the video, he expresses his anticipation of attending Pallaso’s concert, scheduled for the 9th of June.

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Gratefully, Simple K UG attributes his newfound freedom to the unwavering prayers of Hajji Amiri Kakoma. He publicly extends his gratitude to Hajji Amiri for continuously interceding on his behalf, finally securing his release.

Prior to this turn of events, Simple K had already spent a year behind bars, having been remanded in June 2022. Only at the end of the previous month did he return to court, where his fate was determined.

The aspiring singer, known for his controversial claim of paternity over Full Figure’s child, has now surfaced in a video announcing his liberation. Furthermore, he enthusiastically reveals his intention to attend Pallaso’s highly anticipated upcoming concert.

Simple K UG’s unexpected release from prison marks the conclusion of a chapter filled with uncertainty and legal battles. As he steps out into the world once again, he does so with a renewed sense of hope and a determination to pursue his passion for music.

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