Grenade Official Arrested: Trespassing Charges Spark Controversy

Former Team No Sleep singer Grenade Official, whose real name is Deus Nduggwa, has allegedly been arrested over trespassing. According to reports, the incident took place on Thursday night in Seguku, Katale.

It is alleged that Grenade was found trespassing in one of the gates when he was stopped by security officers. Instead of cooperating, the intoxicated musician resorted to verbally abusing and physically assaulting the guards, insisting that as an artist, he deserved respect.

The non-compliance of Grenade with the security personnel prompted onlookers to contact the local residence chairman. Following the chairman’s instructions, pictures and videos of the singer were taken and shared on social media.

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While some internet users consider this development to be a mere publicity stunt orchestrated by Grenade to promote his upcoming music project, others believe that the arrest is legitimate.

Efforts to contact Grenade Official for his comments on the arrest have so far been unsuccessful. However, we anticipate hearing from him in the near future and will keep you updated on any further developments.

Watch the video here for more information on the incident.

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