Unveiling the Feud: The Clash Between Gravity Omutujju and Kapa Cat Continues

Untouchable Music Management artist, Kapa Cat, whose real name is Tumusiime Catherine, has opened up about the origin of her ongoing feud with fellow singer, Gravity Omutujju. The clash between Kapa Cat and Gravity Omutujju has been escalating through a series of verbal exchanges, though the exact cause remains known only to them.

During a recent interview on Sanyuka TV, the two singers failed to display any signs of cordiality, with Kapa Cat being the latest to take a dig at Gravity. Kapa Cat directly challenged Gravity Omutujju to publicly explain the reasons behind his grudge against her.

She went on to disclose that the conflict stemmed from her refusal to engage in a sexual relationship with Gravity Omutujju. In response, he unleashed a torrent of online harassment upon her, consumed by anger.

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Kapa Cat shared that she severed all ties with Gravity after witnessing his tearful breakdown in front of the camera. In fact, she has even adopted his name, Omutujju, as a symbolic gesture, as it no longer resonates with his true identity.

This revelation sheds light on the personal nature of their dispute, which seems to have its roots in rejected advances and subsequent online mistreatment. The interview with Kapa Cat on Sanyuka TV has provided a platform for her to express her side of the story, highlighting the challenges she faced due to Gravity Omutujju’s actions.

As the feud between these two artists unfolds, it is evident that the animosity between them has reached a breaking point. The public awaits Gravity’s response to Kapa Cat’s allegations, hoping for a resolution to this bitter dispute.

Time will tell whether this public airing of grievances will lead to a truce or further exacerbate the tension between Kapa Cat and Gravity Omutujju. In the meantime, fans and followers of both artists are left to speculate on the true motives behind their ongoing clash.

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