Sheilah Gashumba Joins Radio Industry

Sheilah Gashumba, the renowned media personality from Uganda, has finally decided to join the radio presenter industry. She has reportedly signed a deal with a new station in NRG Radio Uganda, which started airing early this year and is a sister company to NRG Radio Kenya.

Gashumba has been pursued by the radio industry for quite some time now, receiving multiple job offers since she was 18 years old. However, she has declined them all until now. The media personality announced the big news on her Twitter account, stating that the radio life has been haunting her for a while and she is finally ready to join the industry.

This radio life has been haunting me for some good time now, got 4 job offers before from different radio stations since I was 18, turned them down but it’s still haunting me 👀 What do y’all think? YAY or NAY? #BigIsComingSheilah Gashumba posted

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The NRG Radio Uganda is a relatively new station, but it has already made a mark in the industry. With the addition of Sheilah Gashumba to their team, they are sure to attract even more listeners. Gashumba’s style and charisma have made her a popular personality in the media industry, and her fans are excited to hear her on the radio.

Gashumba will join fellow stars such as Sheilah Salta, NTV’s Etania, and former Next Radio morning show host and NBS TV’s Another Round co-host, Marcus Kwikiriza who joined the station earlier. With such a talented group of people, NRG Radio Uganda is set to take the radio industry by storm.

In conclusion, Sheilah Gashumba’s entry into the radio industry is a big step for her and for NRG Radio Uganda. With her talent, experience, and popularity, she is sure to make a big impact on the radio industry. Her fans and followers are eagerly waiting to hear her on the radio, and the NRG Radio Uganda is set to benefit greatly from her presence. The future looks bright for Sheilah Gashumba, and the NRG Radio Uganda.

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