Kabako Takes a Stand for Sheebah Karungi Against Spice Diana

The music industry in Uganda has been in the spotlight recently, with two of its biggest female stars, Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana, in the midst of a war of words. The feud between the two artists started after Spice Diana had a fellow artist, Ritah Dancehall, arrested for criticizing her concert. Sheebah, who is close friends with Ritah, got involved and since then, fans of both artists have been engaging in online battles.

Now, another artist, Kabako, has entered the fray, taking sides with his former labelmate Sheebah. Kabako, who is known for his deep love and respect for the music industry and its artists, has urged Spice Diana to put some respect on Sheebah’s name. He claims to have videos of Spice Diana confessing that she grew up dreaming of being like Sheebah, and that she should therefore respect the former TNS star.

Kabako’s involvement in the feud is not surprising, given his close friendship with Sheebah. The two artists worked together under Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep music crew, and their bond has only grown stronger since. Kabako is known for being fiercely loyal to his friends and for speaking out against injustice in the music industry, so it is no surprise that he has taken Sheebah’s side in this feud.

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While the war of words between Sheebah and Spice continues to rage on, it is important to remember that these are two incredibly talented and successful artists. Sheebah is known for her powerful vocals and electrifying performances, while Spice Diana is recognized for her versatility and ability to captivate audiences with her music. Both artists have made significant contributions to the music industry in Uganda, and it is a shame to see them at odds with each other.

Kabako’s message is a reminder that the music industry is a small community, and that it is important for artists to show respect for each other. While it is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and engage in online battles, it is essential to take a step back and remember the bigger picture. The music industry is about creating and sharing art, not about tearing each other down.

In conclusion, it is time for Sheebah and Spice to put their differences aside and focus on what truly matters – creating amazing music for their fans. The music industry is stronger when its artists support and respect each other, and by doing so, they can continue to inspire and uplift one another. Let’s hope that Sheebah and Spice can find a way to resolve their differences and come together for the good of the music industry in Uganda.

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