Reasons Why Faridah Nakazibwe Is Not Married

Faridah Nakazibwe is currently one of Uganda’s most active Twitter users. The NTV Uganda Mwasuzye Mutya host and Luganda news anchor, like many other young people on the platform, occasionally makes amusing posts to stay relevant.

This, however, sometimes results in insults from her followers, who are always pointing out her human flaws. She asked her male followers why they don’t have bathing soaps a few hours ago in a post.

“Mr. Man, give me 2 reasons why you still bathe washing soap, 10 years after high school….only 2!” She inquired.

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However, fans did not take her post lightly and began to criticize her.

Faridah Nakazibwe Tweet and replies

Herbert, a Twitter user, asked her to provide two reasons for her continued single status.

“As you prepare 2 reasons why you’re still not married, 20 years after high school….only 2!” He said.


“Just one reason why you are not yet married but you have two kids, just one.” Another user continued.

Another user, Kissy, enquired as to why Faridah was still single.

“Give me two reasons why all your age mates are married and you’re not, stop thinking we own the same path just because we all left ten yrs ago from school it doesn’t mean we all gonna afford a bathing soap at the same time With Respect to u madam” another user highlighted

“People out here find it hard to table a meal and your shouting why they still bathe washing soap?? To you is that what really matters at the moment?.. Tovumaganya kikula kyo mukwano… Don’t make those people regret life… Your statement is too insulting more so to the victims…,” Another tweep screamed.

“Hajjati I got only one; “If it can be used to wash satisfactorily, utensils where I eat from, pans where I cook food from and clothes that I wear”…give me only 2 reasons why it shouldn’t be used to clean my body!!” OldSpot asked

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