Ragga Dee Says UMA Elections Were Free And Fair

Kazibwe Daniel alias Ragga Dee, legendary musician and chairman of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), is dissatisfied with the outcome of the UMA elections and blames King Saha.

The day set for artists to vote for their leaders under UMA was Monday, June 6, 2022, but things did not go well.

The voting went well at first, but about halfway through, King Saha, one of the presidential candidates, stormed the tally center with his lawyers, alleging massive rigging.

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Ragga Dee was disappointed when voting was eventually halted.

According to Ragga Dee, the elections were free and fair, but voting was halted due to people’s egos, which will cost the artists.

Ragga Dee revealed that artists are difficult to lead because everyone thinks they are better than everyone else and are completely disorganized.

“The elections were free and fair. The system reached a time and became slower but that would be solved than calling off the voting. Artists have ego they are hard to be led and that’s the reason they don’t get money from government like any other department. I was disappointed for sure,” Ragga Dee said.

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