Naira Ali Blasts Ugandan For Promoting Foreign Music

Since Nigerian music has gone global, certain African countries have grown envious and fought to limit its airplay in their respective countries.

First, it was Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi, who is still asking that Kenyan television and radio stations, as well as DJs, play 85 percent local music to promote it and limit foreign music.

Following that, Ghanaian artist Shatta Walle launched a cyber war against Nigerian singers, claiming that they do not repay Ghanaians’ support.

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Ugandan singer Naira Ali has now gone on board, urging Ugandan media to support local material.

Ali emphasized on her social media channels that Ugandans hype foreign music a lot, despite the fact that they have singers who have better music. She cited Ykee Benda as an example of a good vocalist who she believes is superior to Tanzanian artist Harmonize.

“ Kiki enyo ekyamakulu Harmonize kyayimba okusinga Ykee Bendaekimuwesa airplay omungi enyo kuno Lokwaffe okusinga Ykee?” She enquired

On Monday morning, Naira Ali published another post in which she said that Ugandans do not appreciate local music sufficiently.

“ Personally I think we are just a bunch of excited people who think anything foreign is better than us. Our lack of home support has killed a lot of sectors: football, movie industry, fashion. Dance etc “ She said

She also stated that Ugandans are responsible for the popularity of foreign content in their country.

“From time genesis, our people have vigorously promoted and pushed foreign music  here, the Chaka Chaka, and whole South African music era was pushed here by us, Congolese music (Lingala), Jamaican music, bongo flava, Gege, Latinos, reggae tone, crunk, imagine even Zambians (ie Mampi, Roberto, Gabo snoop) found their way here and now we are pushing Nigerians and Rwandese and soon South Sudan.” Ali

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