Mathias Walukagga Issues a Strong Warning On Dr. Hamza Ssebunya Over Mistreating Rema Namakula

Sir Kadongo Kamu, singer-turned-politician Mathias Walukagga has been warned Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, the husband of singer Rema Namakula, not to mistreat her after the couple welcomed their first child.

Rema will be taken away from Dr. Hamza Ssebunya if he mistreats her, according to the ailing Mathias Walukagga, who is suffering from malaria and typhoid.

While on his sickbed, the “Katulepuke” singer issued the warning to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya as he congratulated the couple on the birth of their first child two years into their marriage.

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“Congratulations Rema and Dr. Hamza on welcoming your first child as a couple. We pray Allah grants a perfect relationship as it stands now. The good thing now is that they are still having a smooth relationship, we have not heard of any misunderstandings between the two. It won’t sound pretty to hear that Rema and Hamza have misunderstandings because it will hurt Rema the more than Hamza. I encourage the two to stay strong in whatever situation that may come along in their love life because it is the only way they will survive the storm in marriage. However, that doesn’t give Ssebunya authority to misstreat our sister in as you wish since they we have advised her to withstand any storm because we can take her away from you and you remain single.” Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga stated that once he has recovered, he will deliver his gifts to Rema’s baby. Through her close friends as a gesture of appreciation for her efforts.

Rema and Walukagga were rumored to have been dating for years before Kenzo snatched her away from him.

There was also a disagreement over who Rema’s first child, Aamal, belonged to, but Walukagga settled the matter. The results showed that the child belonged to Kenzo.

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