Lynda Ddane Accused by Fans For bleaching

Fans accuse Lynda Ddane of bleaching after the TV star posts old photos of herself with dark skin tone.

Firstly, Fans on social media have slammed renowned NTV presenter Lynda Ddane for allegedly bleaching her entire body. This was after the thick TV star shared old photos of herself in which she had a small dark body.

Ddane, Lynda Being a babe known for flashing thick brown thighs and irresistible round boobs whenever she posts on social media, it was widely assumed that she was born brown and beautiful. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as the self-proclaimed miracle girl posted throwback photos of herself looking the polar opposite of her current self.

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Lynda Ddane, dressed in a skimpy, checkered full body swimsuit. She is seen chilling by a poolside with her feet dipped in the water as she enjoys the fresh breeze around the magnificently built water pad in the throwback photos posted on Instagram yesterday afternoon.

However, Lynda Ddane, who is now as brown as a ‘Muvandimwe,’ previously had a dark skin tone. As all of her toes, knees, and face have a dark complexion, as evidenced by these Instagram photos.
Ddane, who was celebrating her past by sharing throwback photos, captioned the images: “Throwback Vibes. Some might not believe in you now, let your Tomorrow prove them wrong” Lynda posted.

However, fans on Instagram began accusing Lynda of bleaching herself after noticing a significant difference between her previous and current appearance.

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