Ang3lina Not To Quit Music Very Soon

Ang3lina has offered her followers a ray of optimism by revealing that she will continue to make music for many more years. “I was joking” – announces her intention to retire from music next year.

Last year, Ugandan artist Angela Nabuufu a.k.a. Ang3lina, who is residing in the United Kingdom, stated that she is working on a new album, which she claims will be her greatest.

However, on Sunday, the 25-year-old singer and producer sent a tweet indicating that she will retire from the profession in 2022.

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Before she removed the tweet, numerous of her fans were shocked. Giving them hope that she didn’t mean what she wrote in the first place.

She was, in fact, joking! In a follow-up tweet yesterday, the Mercy singer stated that she was just “playing” and that she was “going nowhere.”

“Ugandan bloggers are so fast. I’m not going nowhere for now. I just be playing with y’all for real.”

Ang3lina revealed that she will be releasing new music and a couple of music videos in the coming months.

The CEO of Ang3l Studios is also working on a compilation album with some of the best producers.

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