Love at Short Notice: Zari Hassan and Shakib 48-hour Nikah Ceremony

South African-based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan has recently made headlines after revealing that her Nikah ceremony with partner Shakib Cham was organized in just 48 hours. The couple formalized their relationship in a Muslim ceremony attended by close friends and family.

In a video, Zari shared that Shakib had hinted at marrying her earlier last year but she had not taken it seriously. However, during the ongoing Ramadan, Shakib surprised Zari by flying into South Africa and notifying her of his intention to marry her in the next few hours. The couple consulted with Muslim clerics, and the Nikah ceremony was arranged within 24 to 48 hours.

While their wedding was a low-key event, it was celebrated by many who wished the couple well in their future together. However, there were also some critics who claimed that the couple was forced to perform the ceremony under duress.

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Zari was quick to dispel these rumors, saying that the Nikah was organized on their own initiative and for the benefit of their marriage, not because they were influenced by anyone. She emphasized that they were both happy and excited to have taken this important step in their lives.

The Nikah ceremony is a traditional Muslim wedding ceremony, where the couple publicly declares their commitment to each other in the presence of witnesses. It is considered an important event in the life of a Muslim couple and is typically accompanied by celebrations and festivities.

Zari and Shakib Nikah ceremony was a testament to their love and commitment to each other. It was a simple but meaningful event that brought them closer together and marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

In a world where weddings are often elaborate and expensive affairs, Zari Hassan and Shakib Nikah ceremony was a refreshing reminder that love and commitment are what truly matter in a marriage. It was a beautiful celebration of their love that will be remembered by all who attended for years to come.

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