Kid Dee Claims Paternity of Grace Khan’s Daughter, Illona Grannah

Emerging artist Denish Duncan Matovu, popularly known as Kid Dee, has made a stunning revelation about the paternity of Illona Grannah, the daughter of fellow singer Grace Namuwulya, commonly known as Grace Khan. According to Kid Dee, he is the biological father of the beautiful baby girl.

Kid Dee stated that he met Grace Khan at an event, and they hit it off immediately, forming a deep connection. He was thrilled when he learned that he had fathered a child with her, and he believes that Illona Grannah looks like him in every way, from her eyes and ears to her nose and mouth. He is so confident of this fact that he has challenged anyone who doubts him to carry out a DNA test and settle the matter.

When he heard that Prince Omar was claiming to be the father of the child, Kid Dee was relieved because he believed that he would not be able to afford the expenses of raising the child. However, he insists that he is willing to take a DNA test to confirm his paternity, and he is even willing to change the child’s name if necessary.

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Grace Khan, on the other hand, has denied Kid Dee’s allegations, stating that she has never met him before and that he is simply seeking publicity. She added that it is important for men to take responsibility for their children and provide them with support.

It is not clear what the outcome of this saga will be, but DNA tests have been known to resolve similar disputes in the past. A recent example is the case of Bruno K, who was confirmed as the biological father of Vanessa’s son after a DNA test. If Kid Dee’s claims are true, it remains to be seen how he will respond to Grace Khan’s denial and whether he will take on the responsibilities of fatherhood.

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