Video: Jose Chameleon Comes Back With Kuuma Obwesigwa Visuals


Jose Chameleone turns back the clock to over 15 years ago and adds new visuals to his classic song ‘Kuuma Obwesigwa.’

It’s difficult to list Chameleone’s best songs without mentioning “Kuuma Obwesigwa” – a song so good that they made a Swahili version.

Unlike nowadays, there was not much emphasis on visuals many years ago, and a couple of the legendary singer’s songs lack videos.

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Chameleone went into the studio a few months ago to remake the song and add visuals for this reason, among others.

The song still sounds golden and befitting of Chameleone’s generational character, which he has shaped himself into for more than two decades.

The song’s release is also perfectly timed, coming on the heels of the Leone Island chief’s smash “Forever.”

The remake of ‘Kuma Obwesigwa’ was done by Ian Pro, and it has a bit of freshness to it while maintaining the originality.

Watch Kuuma Obwesigwa Video here;

Chameleone’s approach to visuals has always been to keep things simple, and it is clear that his influence rubbed off on Jah Live when creating the new visuals.

Chameleone dedicates the video to the golden generation of mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunties who grew up listening to the song.

“Back in time, dedication to all Dads, Moms, Uncles, and Aunties,” Chameleone wrote on social media.

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