Pallaso To Perform In Wheelchair Following Injury Suffered On Stage At La Grande Hotel

Pius Mayanja, a.k.a. Pallaso, of Team Good Music, has begun to get used to performing in a wheelchair while waiting for his injured knee to heal completely.

Pallaso fell awkwardly and injured his right knee while performing at La Grande Hotel a few days ago during the Easter performances.

He had to have scans, and according to information gathered from sources close to him, it will be a few weeks before his knee fully recovers.

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However, Pallaso’s Border To Border Golden Music tour must continue while he is undergoing treatment.

The singer is doing everything he can to motivate himself to brave the pain and continue performing for his fans across the country.

Pallaso posted a photo of himself performing in a wheelchair on Instagram on Thursday morning.

“keep moving forward. it’s the way i live my life ➡️➡️➡️ #GoldenTour#Border2Border.” Pallaso posted while seated in wheelchair.

“Fall 2 times rise 10 times. Regardless we move.” He wrote in the caption.

He is one of the most booked artists, according to reports, and he has vowed to give his fans and promoters their money’s worth despite his physical mishaps.

Pallaso performing at La Grande before wheelchair ordeal;

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