Gravity Omutujju Levels With Singer Turned Politician Bobi Wine

Gravity Omutujju Levels With Singer Turned Politician Bobi Wine

Wabuyu Gereson, a.k.a. Gravity Omutujju, a local rapper, claims that the only artist to whom he can currently be compared is Bobi Wine.

Despite being unable to perform in Kampala for the last four years, Firebase Crew boss Bobi Wine’s influence has not warned.

The self-styled Ghetto Gladiator has turned himself into a role model even for fellow celebrities, thanks to his ever-soaring political clout.

Gravity Omutujju, a fellow singer, believes that Bobi Wine is the only artist with whom he can be compared.

Gravity is one of the most popular artists this year, thanks to a couple of bangers, including the monster track Tusimbudde.

He is also one of the most sought-after singers in the country, with the most bookings to perform in various parts of the country.

Trouble Entertainment’s singer believes that if he must be compared to anyone, it should be Bobi Wine.

Gravity wrote on Instagram, “Bobi wine is the only Ugandan artist u can compare me with, if u feel like u want to compare me to any artist. New music loading 🦅🦅.”

A few Bobi Wine fans have criticized his statement, calling it “disrespectful.” Others, on the other hand, agree with his comparison.

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