Video: Swangz Avenue’s Zafaran Unveils New Song Sweetheart

Zafaran, who signed a professional contract with Swangz Avenue last month, has released her first song under the label, “Sweetheart.”

Swangz unveiled Zafaran, real name Josephine Nakyoonyi, as their newest addition on March 18, 2022.

One month later, she releases her debut project, “Sweetheart,” a song that showcases her strengths – powerful vocals and lyrical maturity.

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With the new single, written by Dokta Brain and produced by Bomba, she officially kicks off her career.

The song is danceable as she sings about her unending love for her intimate handsome sweetheart.

The song’s gorgeous harmonies and strewn bridges, interludes, and progressions define a new generation of musicians with tons of technical ability to back up their creativity.

Gabriel Kyambadde’s direction keeps the visuals simple and colorful, with Zafaran expressing her deep love through moves and gestures.

On top of the costumes that showcase Africa’s vast and colorful culture, the choreographers add spice to the visuals.

Watch Sweetheart by Zafaran here;

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