Karole Kasita Calls Security To protects her nyash from camera man

During a recent performance, a photographer clamoring for dubs was saved by a hugely pregnant Karole Kasita who had to beg security to enter the stage. Karole Kasita, who calls herself the “most booked pregnant artist” in the nation, hasn’t been protected by her predicament from ravenous predators, especially when events are taking place.

She was recently performing at an event when a young-looking photographer and some spectators entered the stage, making her uneasy. By following Karole across the stage from behind while holding his camera down his neck, the photographer appears to be too close to her in the footage.

Karole Kasita makes many unsuccessful attempts to flee from the unknown man before deciding to call security to protect her.

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She recently released a new song with Eddy Kenzo called Tubiddemu. The song is the sixth track of Kasita’s debut album, “Limited Edition,” which was released in early 2022. Karole is a 33-year-old singer and songwriter from Uganda. Her birthday is April 25, 1989. She graduated from Makerere University Business School with a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship.

She began singing while a student at St. Joseph’s Naggalama in high school. When she was a student, she collaborated with Nutty Neithan on her first song, Bounce It. She has three years of commercial music experience.

The majority of Karole’s songs are her own, while Ray Signature has assisted on a few. She oversees the SNS Band, a band. She sings her songs as well as those of other artists while performing with her band.

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