DJ Roja Gives Reason For MixTape Party To Be At Serena Hotel

DJ Roja Gives Reason For MixTape Party To Be At Serena Hotel

After being forced to take a two-year vacation, DJ team Slick Stuart and Roja are back with their Mixtape party, and they are back in style by choosing Kampala Serena Hotel as the location for their event. DJ Roja claimed that the purpose of the action was essentially to test themselves.

“The mixtape party has been growing over the years from Laftaz to Golf Course Hotel, among other places so we decided to dare ourselves, improve on the production and also cater for a certain target audience that has not been attending our events,” he said.

Roja said that Serena provides them with the appropriate room for production planning. If everything goes according to plan on November 3, the pair will perform at the Kampala Serena Hotel for the first time.

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The deejaying team of Slick Stuart and Roja has earned a reputation as Uganda’s top dynamic combo throughout the years. After holding their first mixtape party at Venom Beach Bar, they moved on to the Victoria Hall at the Kampala Serena Hotel seven editions later.

The duo decided to choose that location for their seventh Mixtape party edition this time around in light of their expanding corporate fan base. During a recent performance, Jose Chameleone and other Ugandan performers took a moment to remind their audience of the mix tape party scheduled for November 3, 2022.

The singer has previously collaborated with the duo on a project, “Kigwa Leero,” which was a hit tune. Along with the duo, there will be unexpected entertainers at the gathering who will put on fantastic performances.

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