Dr. Jose Chameleone Ggwanga Mujje Concert | To Work With Female Promoter

The concert by Jose Chameleone in 2023, dubbed “Ggwanga Mujje,” is planned by Biggie Events, a female event promoter.

Dr. Jose Chameleone reveals that he purposefully chose to work with a female promoter in order to observe how gender balance functions in advance of his eagerly awaited concert in 2023.

The singer stated that the concert will be unique and a top-notch experience for anyone who attends while revealing plans for the event.

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On February 10th, 2023, “Ggwanga Mujje” will commemorate the Leone Island chief’s 25 years in the music business.

In order to fill Lugogo Cricket Oval, Chameleone decided to collaborate with his friend Biggie Events.

“Our relationship with Biggie Events was established on friendship, not for commercial adventure.” “This is family. We have worked with several male promoters and done a very good job, but this time I wanted to work with a female promoter,” Dr. Jose Chameleone stated.

In addition Chameleone said, “I wanted to do some gender balance so that we see how that works out. If you keep working with the same people, you can never get new ideas so I want to see what new things Biggie Events can bring on board.”

He admitted that they were friends and that he specifically chose Biggie Events to promote the concert because he is always looking for fresh perspectives and is curious to see what a woman can bring to the table this time.

Biggie Events was warned by Chameleone to perform at her best in the lead-up to the concert because everyone will be watching.

“It’s a big challenge before you. You’re handling a big artist now, a big concert, but I know you will pull it off with your wonderful ideas. Just get ready to have a good time.” He concluded

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