Kama Ivien Management Signs New Artist Dubbed Opa Fambo

Kama Ivien, real name Ivan Kakama, has added Opa Fambo to his Kama Ivien Management team.

In the music industry, the name Kama Ivien is well known for always supporting emerging talent and for successfully managing top talent in recent years.

From Fik Fameica to Pallaso, Kama Ivien has built a solid reputation for bringing local musicians to the big stage.

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Opa Fambo was announced as the newest addition to Kama Ivien’s management label on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022.

Kama promised to put Fambo where he belongs in the music industry and wished him luck in the next chapter of his career.

“I am delighted to announce (signing) another music artist under Kama Ivien Management. Opa Fambo, feel welcomed and be part of our team too. We are promising to put you where you want to be and where you deserve. Good luck, God bless you in your new chapter.” Kama Ivien.

Opa Fambo previously performed with Mosh Mavoko in the now-defunct Capital Music Icons duo (now Green Daddy).

His songs, including Basuze Batya, Tebamanya, Party Mood, Komawo, and Wanoga, have helped to keep his brand relevant in the industry thus far.

He now intends to embark on a new journey with the release of his new single, Byatadde.

Pallaso, who has had a good run of form over the last three years, is already managed by Kama Ivien Management.

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