Jose Chameleon Explains How Hard It Was To Become Famous In Uganda

Singer Jose Chameleon, whose actual name is Joseph Mayanja, has explained why it’s so simple to become famous in today’s society. Twenty years ago, Jose Chameleone rose to fame throughout East Africa, but it wasn’t easy for him despite his brilliance standing out.

Jose Chameleone was a time when becoming a celebrity required more effort in order to be noticed. Stunts were used to make it appear for them if they weren’t recognized there. Jose Chameleone asserts that young people can easily become celebrities today since they have access to all the necessary resources.

The CEO of Leone Island Music Empire points out that, in contrast to today, when they first began their music careers, it was difficult to break into the mainstream media. The vocalist of “Forever” claims that compared to prior times, there are far more platforms available for musicians to market their work today.

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“Now someone in Uganda can become famous in just one day because of social media. But in our times it was hard for us, I know how I struggled to make it in life. It was all about hard work and some stunts as there was no social media to push us,” Jose Chameleon remarked.

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