Eddy kenzo Not Happy About Bebe Cool Calling Him Lucky

The notorious Gagamel CEO Big Size Bebe Cool recently referred to singer Edrisa Musuuza, better known by his stage as Eddy Kenzo, as a “lucky man” whose musical success has purely depended on luck rather than talent. Bebe Cool referred to Eddy as a lucky musician who might surprise Ugandans in this year’s Grammy awards when discussing musicians who have excelled above and beyond everyone’s expectations in 2022.

“Grammy Academy nominee Eddy appears on this list with one of the biggest songs. Kenzo continues to surprise people with his music career. Looking at 2022 its self, he is the only Ugandan in the Grammy awards. Secondly, he has one of the biggest songs, and thirdly, he held one of the most successful concerts. Infact, it wws one of its kind. With his humble ways, this man is somehow lucky and don’t be surprised if Kenzo/Uganda win the first Grammy award. We wish you the very best,” Bebe Cool told Eddy Kenzo.

“Kana Kambata” wasn’t pleased with the lengthy review the boss of the silent majority had written about him.  He ranted angrily about Bebe Cool’s remarks that he is lucky because he wanted to comfort himself, the cool musician said these while crashing Gagamel boss Bebe. He continue saying that you can’t be lucky forever, and that he knows what he does and what he has done in the past.

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Eddy Kenzo continued to let Bebe Cool know that ought to acknowledge it and inform his followers that Kenzo has been doing it for over ten years, and he is aware of it. Rather than refering to him as a lucky gentleman. According to Eddy Kenzo’s reply, Bebe Cool’s review provoked and demined him.

“Bebe Cool said I’m lucky because he wanted to console himself. You can’t be lucky forever, I know what I’m doing & I’ve done what I’ve done. He should accept and tell his people that Kenzo has done this thing for over 10 years so he knows it.” Eddy Kenzo ranted

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