Gabriel Buule Takes On Bebe Cool: Why The ‘Big Three’ Debate Is Useless

Gabriel Buule, a prominent music critic and Daily Monitor scribe, recently expressed his views on the ongoing ‘Big Three’ debate in the Ugandan entertainment industry. In his opinion, the discussion surrounding the ‘Big Three’ is pointless and unproductive for the growth of the music industry in the country. Buule suggested that instead of focusing on individual artists, stakeholders and players in the industry should prioritize the music itself.

Buule went on to criticize Gagamel Entertainment boss Bebe Cool, stating that there is nothing musical to discuss about him besides his showbiz and clout chasing. However, Buule did acknowledge Bebe Cool’s ‘Go Mama’ album as the only musical contribution he has made to the industry.

On the other hand, Gabriel Buule praised Jose Chameleone for his immense contribution to the music business and noted that he will always be remembered as a monumental artist. Similarly, he appreciated Bobi Wine for the impact he has made on the arts industry beyond his music.

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Buule’s stance on the ‘Big Three’ debate is quite clear – it is a lazy and useless topic that distracts from the real issues facing the music industry. He believes that the focus should be on improving the industry as a whole rather than indulging in individualistic discussions.

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As Buule puts it, “If you talk about the ‘Big Three’ now, you realize that only two of the self-proclaimed three have music. One is just there for clout and showbiz because there is nothing musical one can discuss about people like Bebe Cool. When you separate Bebe Cool from Bebe Cool, you will remain with nothing and no music at all.”

It is crucial for the music industry in Uganda to move beyond the ‘Big Three’ debate and instead, channel their energies towards creating a thriving and sustainable music scene. The success of the industry depends on collective efforts and a focus on quality music. As Gabriel Buule rightly points out, “We should stop discussing individuals and focus on the music industry as a general.”

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