Video: Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi Reconcile Again

Singers Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi have once again mended their relationship. We has obtained videos that show the two singers reconciling. The reunion comes after a bitter split that saw Spice Diana unfollow Sheebah on social media.

The two singers linked up during the Uganda Musicians Federation LTD meeting. The meeting saw Eddy Kenzo appointed as the president, while Sheebah Karungi, Pallaso, and Juliana Kanyomozi were appointed as the first, second, and third vice presidents respectively.

After a successful meeting, several female musicians including Karole Kasita, Nina Roz, Spice Diana, Sheebah Karungi, Carol Nantongo, Lydia Jazmine, and Chance Nalubega among others, threw a girls’ party at Serene Suites in Mutundwe to celebrate the milestone achieved.

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At the party, the singers enjoyed each other’s music and rubbed shoulders while sipping wine. The development has already sparked reactions among Spice and Sheebah’s fans. Some fans are grateful that the two singers have managed to resolve their differences and start a new chapter. Others, however, vow to mind their own business going forward. Looking into the singers’ Instagram followers list, Sheebah still follows Spice Diana, while the latter hasn’t followed back yet.

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It’s heartening to see that Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi have mended their relationship once again. As fans, we can only hope that they will continue to support and uplift each other’s music. In a world where female artists are often pitted against each other, it’s refreshing to see these two talented singers coming together.

As for those fans who vow to mind their own business going forward, it’s important to remember that celebrities are people too. They have emotions and struggles just like the rest of us. It’s essential to treat them with the same kindness and empathy that we would extend to anyone else.

In conclusion, let’s celebrate the reconciliation of Spice Diana and Sheebah Karungi. May their renewed friendship inspire others to put aside their differences and come together for a common goal.

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