John Segawa, Celebrated Filmmaker and Actor, Urges Inclusion of Mowzey Radio in Uganda’s ‘Big Three’ Music Legends

John Segawa, Celebrated Filmmaker and Actor, Urges Inclusion of Mowzey Radio in Uganda's 'Big Three' Music Legends

For more than a month, the entertainment industry has been buzzing with talk about the ‘Big Three’ musicians. Everyone seems to be analyzing the significance of Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, and Jose Chameleone. While some critics and fans believe that these three artists have positively impacted the music industry, others think that their time has passed, and they have negatively impacted the industry.

John Segawa, a celebrated filmmaker, director, stage manager, and actor, has a different perspective. He believes that the ‘Big Three’ artists should be celebrated for their contributions to the music industry. They are special, and we must respect them and let them be in their ‘Big Three’ classification.

However, John Segawa thinks that Mowzey Radio deserves to be included in this prestigious category. He says that Radio’s positive impact on the music industry is undeniable, and he surpassed the ‘Big Three’ in many ways.

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“Radio changed music in Uganda. The sound, the writing, the tone – everything. Radio was a good guy; he wrote music for each and everyone because he wanted to share his music. Unfortunately, he died as a young boy,” Segawa said.

Segawa believes that Radio should be included in the ‘Big Three’ category, making it ‘The Big Four’. He thinks that one of the current members of the ‘Big Three’ should be displaced to make room for Radio.

“If we are mentioning the top big three, Radio must be among them because he surpassed them. He is bigger than many of them (through) music, writing, production, and everything. Radio is dead, but he must be there!” Segawa emphasized.

Among the four artists, Segawa’s favorite musicians are Mowzey Radio and Jose Chameleone. John Segawa believes that Mowzey Radio deserves a seat at the table of men for his positive impact on the music industry and how he changed Ugandan music.

In conclusion, while the ‘Big Three’ are undoubtedly legendary artists, Mowzey Radio’s positive impact on the music industry is undeniable. John Segawa’s call for including Mowzey Radio in the ‘Big Three’ is a compelling argument that deserves serious consideration. Mowzey Radio’s contribution to the music industry must be acknowledged, and his legacy should be celebrated alongside the ‘Big Three’.

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