Eddy Kenzo Responds to Bobi Wine’s Political Allegations Against Uganda National Musicians Federation

In a recent development, renowned Ugandan artist Eddy Kenzo expressed his dissatisfaction with Bobi Wine’s remarks regarding the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). Kenzo believes that Bobi Wine’s comments are politically motivated and driven by personal agendas. In a media briefing held in Mutundwe, Eddy Kenzo addressed the issue, shedding light on the importance of the government’s role in regulating the artistic community.

Speaking at the media briefing, Kenzo asserted that Bobi Wine had transformed into a politician, utilizing various agendas to further his own political goals. As an opposition leader, Bobi Wine seeks to benefit from the disunity and discord present within the artistic community. Kenzo pointed out that regardless of which party assumes power, artists will continue to seek guidance and support from the governing body.

According to Eddy Kenzo, artists rely on the government’s assistance in regulating their art because, at present, it is the governing body of the nation. He emphasized that the objective is not to beg for assistance, but rather to negotiate for fairness and justice. Kenzo highlighted the long-standing issue of artists being deceived and the need to rectify the situation.

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Kenzo dismissed Bobi Wine’s claims that the UNMF is merely a scheme driven by monetary gains. Instead, he emphasized that the federation is a necessary step towards achieving unity and progress within the artistic community. Kenzo stated that artists require proper regulation and support, regardless of the ruling party, in order to flourish.

Eddy Kenzo’s response to Bobi Wine’s remarks highlights the political nature of the discussions surrounding the Uganda National Musicians Federation. Eddy Kenzo firmly believes that the government’s involvement is crucial in ensuring a fair and prosperous environment for artists. Despite their political differences, Kenzo expressed his willingness to work with any party that comes into power, as long as it supports the development of the artistic community. The ongoing negotiations aim to rectify the long-standing grievances of artists and pave the way for a brighter future in Uganda’s music industry.

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