Singer Mescah Semakula Clarifies Evelyn Namulondo’s Son’s Identity

In a recent turn of events, renowned singer Mescah Semakula has addressed the rumors surrounding actress Evelyn Namulondo’s son, Hero Samuel Semakula. On the 19th of May, 2023, during his concert at Serena Hotel, Mescah introduced Hero among the children he presented to the audience, which sparked a frenzy among netizens.

Speculations quickly spread, with some internet users theorizing that Mescah Semakula was the father of Evelyn Namulondo’s son and had chosen this moment to reveal the long-kept secret. However, Mescah has now come forward to clear the air.

In a TikTok video, Evelyn Namulondo herself responded to the situation, expressing that Mescah Semakula’s admission of Hero being his son is not something to be condemned, as he is also part of their family. Our  managed to obtain a video where Mescah was asked to comment on various aspects of his recent concert, including the inclusion of Namulondo’s son among his kids.

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In his response, Mescah emphasized that he plays a parental role in the lives of many individuals, hence why he refrains from disclosing the exact number of his children.

Furthermore, Mescah revealed that Hero Samuel Semakula is considered his son due to his close friendship with Mescah’s own son, Shadrack. He explained that Hero often spends holidays at their house and even lends a hand at Mescah’s restaurant, Papaz Spot, located in Makindye.

While the identity of Hero’s biological father remains a subject of speculation, rumors suggest it might be Travas Mutyaba. Click here to watch Mesach explaining his relationship with Hero

Mescah’s statement sheds light on the situation, making it clear that his relationship with Hero is based on their close bond as family friends. The public can now have a better understanding of the dynamics surrounding Hero Samuel Semakula and his connection to Mescah Semakula.

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