Pallaso To Fill Lugogo Cricket Oval In Pallaso Love Fest

Pallaso To Fill Lugogo Cricket Oval In Pallaso Love Fest

In a lively press conference at Protea Hotel by Marriott Kampala Skyz, Pius Mayanja, known as Pallaso, expressed his unwavering determination to stage an extraordinary concert next month. Pallaso and his highly anticipated event, named ‘Love Fest,’ is scheduled to take place on the 9th of June 2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Joined by esteemed artists such as Jose Chameleone, Weasel Manizo, Feffe Bussi, and Ragga Dee, Pallaso passionately called upon his devoted fans, friends, and well-wishers to join him in what he affectionately referred to as a “concert for love.”

Pallaso’s confidence was palpable as he spoke about his vision for the concert, firmly believing that Lugogo Cricket Oval would be filled to its brim on that day. His positive outlook radiated from every word he spoke, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind about his conviction.

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Aware of the challenges that come with organizing such a grand event, Pallaso acknowledged the hard work that goes into putting together a successful concert. Nevertheless, he remained undeterred, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to providing an unforgettable experience for his audience.

With his infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm, Pallaso shared his excitement for the upcoming concert. He spoke with great passion about the love he has for his craft and the immense joy he derives from sharing it with his fans. It was evident that Pallaso viewed ‘Love Fest’ as not just a concert, but a celebration of the connection between artist and audience.

As the press conference came to an end, Pallaso left no room for doubt regarding his intentions. Pallaso was determined to create history with ‘Love Fest’ and leave a lasting impact on the music scene. The anticipation grew, and fans eagerly awaited the second week of June, ready to witness Pallaso’s grand spectacle unfold at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

In conclusion, Pius Mayanja, a.k.a Pallaso, exuded positivity and confidence as he announced his forthcoming ‘Love Fest’ concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval. With the support of his fellow artists and the unwavering love from his fans, Pallaso’s vision of a historic and unforgettable event seemed well within reach.

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