Crysto Panda Asks Lydia Jazmine To Be His Valentine’s Day | Video

Nabawanuka Lydia, aka Lydia Jazmine, has humiliated NTV presenter Crysto Panda, real name Kityamuweesi Herbert, live on air.

Panda got down on one knee during an interview with a local radio station and asked to go out with Jazmine on Valentine’s Day. However, Lydia Jazmine declined his humble request, claiming that she would be too busy that day.

Jazmine claimed that Artistes cause a lot of headache in a relationship while Crysto Panda was insisting that this was just a date period.

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Lydia Jazmine, who appeared unconcerned, stood firm in her decision and never expressed regret for turning down the TV star.

“I am not available for you on Valentine’s day,” Panda’s request was met with a response from Jazmine.

Watch Lydia Jazmine Humiliating Crysto Panda

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