Video: Zari Hassan Finds New Mate As The Year Starts

Zari Hassan Finds New Mate As The Year Starts

Zari Hassan’s new year’s resolution appears to be to find one more man in her life each year with whom she can settle and be at peace.

Zari was rumored to be dating three men last year, including Dark Stallion and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

None of those appear to have stuck, and she is not crying over spilled milk. I mean, she’s a stunning, fashionable, and successful lady.

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According to rumors about her new “associate,” the mother of five appears to have boarded yet another ship for 2022.

On Monday evening, photos and videos of Zari with a mysterious young man circulated on social media.

Zari appears to be at ease in his company in the photos, unconcerned about whatever or whoever is around them… They’ve become engrossed in each other.

More videos show the Ugandan socialite, who lives in South Africa, passionately hugging her alleged new lover while whispering sweet words into each other’s ears.

We dug a little deeper, and the new face on our timeline is identified as King GK, a.k.a. GK Choppa.

He describes himself as a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. He also has a home in South Africa, where he runs his businesses.

Except for their somewhat intimate behavior in their videos together, rumors of the two dating have yet to gain traction.

What’s more suspicious is that GK has shared photos of them together on his social media but Zari hasn’t on hers, implying that she still wanted it private.

She, on the other hand, has liked his captionless Instagram photos. Zari Hassan however, has opened up on her social media saying that he is “just a friend,”

Watch Zari Hassan and Her New Lover hugging

“He is a friend of mine, please stop stop spreading lies….” Zari Hassan commented.

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