The Mysterious Disappearance of Rickman’s “Cinderella” Video From YouTube featuring Sheilah and An-known: What Happened?

Recently, the Ugandan music industry has been thrown into confusion following the deletion of a video of Rickman’s hit song “Cinderella,” featuring An-Known Propser, from YouTube. The song, which has been receiving massive airplay on different radio stations and streaming platforms since its release over a month ago, was accompanied by beautiful visuals featuring Rickman’s girlfriend, Sheilah Gashumba, as Cinderella.

However, just a few hours after its premiere, the video was mysteriously taken down, leaving fans and music enthusiasts in shock. Upon conducting a search, it was confirmed that the video had indeed been deleted from YouTube. Sheilah Gashumba, who played the role of Cinderella in the video, was also unhappy about its deletion and took to her Snapchat handle to express her disappointment.

Although the reason for the video’s deletion is yet to be ascertained, Sheilah Gashumba seems to blame the artists for the mishap. In her Snapchat rant, she expressed her disappointment, saying that she had wanted the video to happen more than the artists did. She further added that she would not comment any further on the “clumsiness” of the artists.

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It is unclear whether there was a disagreement between Rickman and An-Known Propser that led to the deletion of the video or if it was taken down due to some technical issues. However, the incident has left many people wondering what could have gone wrong, especially given the song’s popularity.

Despite the confusion surrounding the deletion of the “Cinderella” video, Sheilah Gashumba seems unbothered by the possibility of a breakup with Rickman. In her Snapchat posts, she makes it clear that she is “too organized for such nonsense.” Nevertheless, the incident has left many fans disappointed, especially those who were looking forward to watching the beautiful visuals accompanying the hit song.

In conclusion, the deletion of Rickman’s “Cinderella” video featuring An-Known Propser has left many people puzzled, including Sheilah Gashumba. Although the real reason behind the video’s deletion is yet to be ascertained, it is evident that the incident has caused some dissatisfaction among music enthusiasts. We can only hope that the issue will be resolved soon and that fans will get to enjoy the beautiful visuals of the hit song once again.

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