Alien Skin and Matsiko: The Latest Altercation in the Entertainment Industry

Patrick Mulwana, popularly known as Alien Skin, has yet again grabbed the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The singer is accused of engaging in a violent altercation with Matsiko, an events promoter from Masaka. According to reports, the heated exchange occurred at the Calender Hotel in Makindye, where Alien Skin had stormed the place, claiming that an upcoming singer who frequents the location had assaulted his colleague.

Upon arrival, Alien Skin, who appeared agitated, confronted Matsiko, who is known for his outspoken nature. Witnesses report that the two engaged in a heated exchange of words before Alien Skin suddenly turned and struck Matsiko in the face. The incident sent shock waves throughout the room, as onlookers watched in silence, knowing that the singer had come with his gang.

While some reports suggest that Matsiko was slapped, he has refuted these claims, saying that he was instead pushed and fell to the ground. Matsiko has vowed to seek revenge against Alien Skin, stating that the next time they meet in Masaka, they will face off and teach each other a lesson.

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It’s not the first time that Alien Skin has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The ‘Sitya Danger‘ hitmaker has had several brushes with the law in the past, with accusations ranging from assault to drug abuse. Despite these incidents, he has remained a popular figure in the music industry, with a devoted fan base.

The incident at Calender Hotel has once again brought the issue of violence in the entertainment industry to the forefront. Many have condemned Alien Skin’s behavior, calling on him to take responsibility for his actions and seek help to address his issues.

It is essential that we promote a culture of respect and non-violence, especially within the entertainment industry, which serves as a role model for many young people. It’s time for artists and other industry players to take a stand against violence and promote positive values. Let’s hope that this incident serves as a wake-up call to all those involved in the entertainment industry.

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