Producer Didi Hospitalised, In Critical Condition

Abdul Karim Muchwa, a distinguished producer known as Didi, is currently facing a difficult health situation and is confined to his bed as he battles with various health complications. Just a few weeks ago, he had made a plea for financial assistance during interviews with multiple media outlets.

In response to his request, King Saha, a long-time friend and mentor, pledged to assist Didi. However, we have recently received reports indicating that Didi’s health has taken a turn for the worse. On Friday, rumors circulated on social media platforms that Didi had been rushed to the hospital in a critical medical condition. During a phone conversation with Exclusive Bizz, Didi confirmed his ill-health and stated that he is currently struggling with ulcers and pressure.

He also disclosed that he was admitted to Mentz Hospital, located on Ggaba Road, where he received medical attention before being discharged. However, he is still recuperating at home and will need to return to the hospital for a few more days as he continues his treatment.

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The news of Didi’s hospitalization has left many of his fans and colleagues saddened, with many of them offering their support and well-wishes during this challenging time. Didi’s contributions to the music industry in Uganda have been significant, and his absence has been felt by many.

As he continues his recovery, we hope that Didi’s health improves, and he can soon return to his passion for producing music. His immense talent and dedication have earned him the respect of many in the industry, and we are confident that he will overcome this challenge and emerge stronger.

In the meantime, we urge everyone to keep Didi in their thoughts and prayers, and we hope that his situation raises awareness about the need to prioritize health and wellness in our lives.


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