Zafaran Releases New Ankuba Song As The Year Comes To An end

For popular singer Zafaran, 2022 has been a good turning point, with her signing to Swangz Avenue being the most evident flash point. Zafaran debuted the audio and video for her brand-new song, “Ankuba,” which is defined as “crushing on a man,” on Tuesday.

The song is musically rich in all of its components from the words to the audio production to the visuals—and was written by Tamugi and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Steyn.

Ankuba fulfills all the criteria for the musical style that has made all of the Swangz Avenue musicians household names. The song’s polished local pop and pearly melodies are supported by Steve Keys’ expert production.

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Ankuba amps up Zafaran’s vocals by utilizing the occasionally gruff, girl next door quality to her voice that makes her unavoidable. However, the majority of this song was written by a young generation writer who was able to recognize her talent and was produced by a man who was aware of the specific musical nuances that work for Zafaran.

Ankuba is evidence that there is still life in music if an artist is managed by a professional and kind record label. Aaronaire is the director and photographer of the video. It has a flowing plot about falling in love with a coworker and is quite clear-cut and concise. The main vixen was a great choice for the video’s protagonist. The National Library, which is on Buganda Road, is where it was taken.

Watch Ankuba by Zafaran here;

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