A police officer was caught on video cursing a man after he parked his camper near a police speed camera van.

At around 9.37 a.m. yesterday, a Safer Roads Unit enforcement police officer and a member of the public got into a fight on New Brighton promenade (October 15).

Merseyside Police stated that it “demands the highest possible standards of behavior from our officers and staff at all times” and that an investigation into the incident has been launched.

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Mark Light, of Wallasey, said he had pulled over at a regular spot to take a short break a “reasonable distance” away from the speed camera van when he was approached by police officers.

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“I just pulled up and I was going to chill in my camper for ten minutes,” he told the ECHO.

“I parked up, lit up a ciggy and he came round and started screaming at me.”

“He called me something, so I got out and videoed him.”

Furthermore, Mark and the police officer can be seen standing on the pavement by the side of the road in the video, which has been shared with the ECHO.

Then Mark can be heard saying: “What did you say to me?”

The officer then stated: “I said can you move please?”

Mark said: “Why do I have to move?” to which the police staff said: “Because I’m filming.”

The altercation continues and the police staff walks off saying: “Ok you stay there then, you’ll see.”

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