Raymond is only interested in fame, so don’t marry him

Don Zella warns Precious Remmie not to marry Raymond because he is only interested in fame.

Nnalongo Sheila Don Zella has revealed information about Raymond. Who proposed to Precious Remmie on Tuesday, claiming that he is a cheater who only wants fame.

It didn’t take Precious Remmie’s new engagement with her new man. Only identified as Raymond, 24 hours for secrets about him to start flying around the gossip corridors.

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In a new twist, diaspora-based socialite Zella claims to know a lot of dirty information about Raymond to whom she met at her show on July 16th.

Don Zella claims that when they first met, she asked Raymond if he had a girlfriend. Which he declined before inviting her to his home.

Don Zella claims that Raymond does not truly love Precious Remmie and that he is only interested in fame before requesting that she not marry him.

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